1 = Six

The new social media growth equation.

We turn 1 raw video into 6 professional-grade pieces of social content.

Give 1 Video. Get Six Pieces

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Upload a video to Six

Your content manager will be automatically notified and get to work right away reviewing your video.

Let us work our magic.

Your dedicated designer will turn the video highlights into 6 golden nuggets for the platform of your choice.

Review the finished products.

Take some time to review your 6 new pieces of content and let us know if you'd like any changes.

Post, grow, repeat.

Now that you've got influencer-grade, branded content... Share it with the world and repeat next week!

Instagram Reels
Youtube Shorts
LinkedIn Stories
Youtube Stories

Our Past Work

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Meet Your Six Team

Dedicated Content Manager

Will review your videos, extract the best clips and messages, and work with our designers to ensure the final product exceeds your expectations. Need any revisions or want to have a chat? Simply reach out!

Dedicated Content Designer

Our designers are all in-house, rigorously trained, and advanced in both graphic design and video editing. Your designer is the person who will turn your 1 video each week into 6 professional-grade, eye-catching, audience-wowing pieces of content.



How does Six Work?

It’s simple. Each week, you upload 1 video to our platform. Your dedicated content manager will review the video and pick out 6 core,short-form messages for our designers to turn into video or graphic content. When the designers are done, your content manager will review the finished product, make edits as needed, and then send you the 6 pieces of content for you to post.

Can I request video and graphic content?

Yes - you can have any mix of video and graphic content you like. Most people do 3 videos and 3 graphics for their deliverables.

Does Six write my captions or post the content for me?

No and no. But if you’d like that, you can still schedule a call with us because we take on a small amount of full-service social media clients each quarter.

How long does it take to get content back?

3 business days.

What if I want revisions?

No worries! You’ll be able to request revisions directly to your Content Manager and we’ll get them taken care of in 2 business days.

What type of content am I getting back?

We make short form video and graphics images.

Where should I post the content?

Our designers optimize the content for Instagram and TikTok, but you can post to other social platforms as well.

What if I have brand guidelines?

We love when customers have brand guidelines - it makes our lives easier! Just send along any logos, colors, fonts, or other important info with your order and we’ll be sure to adhere to your guidelines. 

Do I own the Intellectual Property?

Yes! This is work for hire. You pay us for the content, we deliver, and the work is forever yours. In some cases, we ask our customers if they’re comfortable with us featuring their content in our portfolio.